Browser Games Development

Browser games are a modern way of entertainment, which has successfully replaced traditional console games owing to their ease of accessing from anywhere. Modern browser games are sometimes difficult to distinguish from their counterparts. Due to the appearance of such modern technologies as Unity 3D and WebGL, complex 3D graphics became possible to implement. It has opened up wide opportunities for the application of various game mechanics.

All browser games can be divided into three large groups – single-user, mass, and multi-user. Depending on the genre, they can be divided into the following categories:

  • strategy;
  • role-playing;
  • quizzes;
  • shooters;
  • simulators, etc.

Steps of Browser Game Development

Professional creation of browser-based online games and online casino games like online poker or slots from scratch involves the work of the whole team. Each is to contribute to the project. Designers, developers, testers, and marketing specialists are involved in the creation of software products of various complexity, varying from simple single-player flash games to global multi-user applications.

Generate the Idea

Do you know what the main mistake of most startups is? They are overly creative. In the pursuit of originality, they forget about the product itself and that the main task is to convey to the buyer the necessity of the product. Of course, the game must be authentic. Gaming industry is a growing branch of IT technology that constantly needs people and fresh ideas. But there are some popular directions that guarantee that the game will be purchased, downloaded, installed, and will pay off all the costs spent on its creation.

Decide on a Game Category

When you have decided on the subject of the game, select a class of it. This decision depends on how long, complicated and expensive the process of programming and creating a game will be. At this stage, 999% of young developers make a mistake by going directly to the MMORPG. Start the process with small steps and be ready that your first project will bring only experience.

Collect a Team

Apart from the original idea, you may need some helpers to create your future brilliant game. The team of indie developers should include at least two front- (back-) enders and a designer. However, large projects include dozens of employees:

  • PO – the generator of ideas;
  • designer and screenwriter;
  • developers;
  • sound specialist;
  • people to work with graphics;
  • testers

The more people you have in the team, the faster the process will move. Make sure to involve testers in every step of the game development so that to create a quality and bug-free product. What is more, it is strongly recommended to set online game promotion campaigns thus informing the audience about the game release.

If you are going to open an online casino, we strongly recommend you to apply the same tactic here. Start your gambling business with the idea and elaborate all possible ways of its implementation and promotion. Hire a team of professional developers, designers, and data analysts. Only in this way, you can launch a truly quality project for the wide audience of customers. Interest your clients with massive wins, poker games, and traditional gambles.